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Written by a patient
8th July 2019

I was under the care of Mr Kelly for an adult tonsillectomy. From the initial consultation until I was discharged, Mr Kelly was professional, helpful, approachable and informative. Mr Kelly explained the risks of undergoing this type of surgery as an adult, the level of pain I could expect post surgery, the average duration of the recovery period and what I could do to minimise the chance of any complications. As a result I was able to make appropriate preparations regarding time off work and ensure I had adequate help at home during this time. It’s been 11 days since my surgery and thanks to Mr Kelly’s advice, skill and expertise, I have had no complications and the medications I was given on discharge were enough to see me through the worst of the pain. At my request, Mr Kelly was also kind enough to send me a picture of my tonsils. I would highly recommended Mr Kelly to anyone considering undergoing this type of surgery.

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