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Written by a carer
7th January 2020

We as a family can not praise Dr Kelly enough. Our little boy Louie is 3 years old we nearly lost him at 6 months old due to whooping cough and not long after that we found out he had craniosynostosis so we are very protective of our boy, we always felt at ease with Dr Kelly. Louie had an hearing test around a year ago where we found out he couldn’t hear properly which explained to us why his speech was so bad. He also snored very very loud and had tonsillitis sometimes twice monthly making him very poorly. Dr Kelly decided on removing tonsils adenoids and putting grommets in. Our boys first words after he had come round after his surgery was I can hear you mummy with the biggest smile on his face. He also keeps asking us to turn the tv down and his speech has improved loads. We as a family and little Louie too will be eternally thankful to you Dr Kelly keep doing what your doing

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