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Written by a patient
11th November 2020

On meeting Dr Orfaniotis I found him very warm and charming . A very professional and passionate individual. I asked about his medical background and history which he answered all questions without hesitation. He then spent time in explaining the procedure, what best would suit my needs and how best to obtain these results. The positives and negatives were explained in detail ....and once the consultation was over there was no pressure to go ahead which I found very reassuring. I have waited 20 years and two different consultations with other clinics later, I felt at ease and very confident that I made a decision to go ahead. Dr Georgios came to see me straight after my surgery and told me that surgery went very well and that he was very happy with the procedure. On discharge he made sure that post care was once again explained and that I had all the medication and garments needed. He also assured me that if any time I needed advice or needed to pop back that it wasn’t a problem. I was anxious and worried about this procedure as it is a fairly big surgery but from start to finish I have found this journey a very easy one simply because Dr Georgious has walked me through it step by step . He is a perfectionist and takes great pride in his work and won’t accept anything less ... trustworthy and reliable! I would highly recommend Dr Georgious Orfaniotis and his team for any cosmetic procedure .... your definitely in safe hands and he will ensure that you are well looked after with fantastic results!!

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