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Written by a patient
18th April 2018

Christoper Macklin is a consummate professional who has been looking after me now since I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in April 2016. He is an excellent surgeon and has always had my best interests at heart and has given me a service that I would say is above and beyond any previous expectations that I had from the outset. Chris works alongside an excellent team and it is clear to me that he commands utter respect from everyone he is associated with and rightly so. He's got an excellent sense of humour which I find can lighten my meetings with him when clearly we are discussing serious topics. I always look forward to seeing him even though some of the conversations that we have had have latterly been tricky, but due to his skill and professionalism I am now well on my way toward a full recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

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