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Written by a NHS patient
30th March 2021

I chose to have my cholecystectomy surgery at the Spire Hospital with Christian as my surgeon. Christian made me feel very reassured about the procedure during my consultation and I felt like I was in very good hands of someone who was highly knowledgeable and had a great level of expertise. On the day of my surgery I saw him prior to my operation and everything was discussed in detail and once again, he made me feel very at ease with no anxieties or concerns about the procedure. All went very well with no complications and I was so relieved with having a surgeon who I felt I could trust with operating on me, treating me with great care and attentive to my individual needs. During my follow up consultation Christian answered all questions very informatively and gave me all the information on my lab analysis for my gallbladder after removal which was insightful to know and made me feel totally confident in having made the right decision for the operation. I truly believe my successful surgery and positive healing progress was made all the better by having such a wonderful surgeon. A Lovely friendly person with a very calming and reassuring disposition that would put the most nervous and anxious of patients at great ease. This surgery has completely enhanced my quality of life now that Im no longer suffering with the constant aches, pains and inflammation I was experiencing for many years. Thank you very much Christian. Anyone who chooses Christian as their surgeon will be very fortunate and blessed indeed, having chosen very well. I would most certainly recommend him to anyone who requires this procedure.

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