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Written by a NHS patient
4th November 2022

Mr Macutkiewicz removed my gallbladder in September 2022, and the care I received from the fist meeting, to the final review was second to none. Experiencing health anxiety and this being my first operation, I was very nervous before the operation. I had lost my Dad a couple of months before, had a newborn baby at home and my Mum was very unwell with covid at the time of the op. I had a lot going on that had raised my anxieties, so the last thing I needed was an operation in the mix and to face more fear. Mr Macutkiewicz reassured and really soothed my anxieties. He answered every question and more, explained things so I understood it all and wasn't phased at all by my anxious presence. On the day of the operation, he came to see me beforehand to explain everything and again settle my nerves. He even popped in to see me briefly when I was on the table being prepared for the aesthetic, as he knew that was the most daunting part for me. His gentle and safe nature really helped to ease my nerves and surprisingly, I felt calmer than I thought I would at that stage! After the operation, I saw him again so I could hear how it went. Again, he reassured me that everything had gone well and calmed my anxieties. He even took a picture of my gallbladder and stones for me, as I was intrigued to see it! I honestly could not recommend this doctor enough - his knowledge, skill, care, empathy and reassurance was amazing, and much appreciated! He's down to earth and really approachable, meaning I could ask all the (in my opinion) stupid questions, knowing I wouldn't be judged or laughed at. At no time did I feel intimidated in the presence of the Consultant, which in the past has happened. If you want to feel 100% safe and in the very best of hands, go and see Mr Macutkiewicz! On a side note, he made my wife feel very welcomed and included on the day. Something which could have been very different if Mr Macutkiewicz wasn't as lovely and none-judgemental as he is. As a member of the lgbtqia+ community, I would also recommend him 100%. Thank you!!

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