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Written by a NHS patient
8th November 2023

After an emergency admission into RAEI Wigan in Apr 22, with a diagnosis of acute gallstone pancreatitis, I was referred for gallbladder surgery on two occasions with both procedures cancelled. On the third occasion surgery was abandoned due to complications with a referral to the HPB facility at MRI. Due to declining health, angst and to break the logjam of the NHS I saw Mr Macutkiewich privately in Feb 23 with private scans shortly afterwards. On meeting Mr Macutkiewicz, I was immediately reassured firstly by his welcome and informality, it was Christian thereafter and then by his insistence surgery must happen at a specialist NHS unit at the MRI. I was admitted for surgery at the MRI on 9 May 23 and discharged after 5 days. I was resigned to the likelihood of open surgery and was delighted to find post-op that despite the complication the procedure was completed laparoscopically; I’m in awe at Christian’s skill. His care and courtesy have been special throughout, he is also the nicest of men and I’m lucky to have been under his care. I’ll always be grateful to Christian and his team my health is now greatly improved. It was my pleasure to agree to a video of my procedure being used as a training aid to assist others. I’d also like to thank Dr Roofa Mushtaq, Consultant Anaesthetist, for his handling of my difficult airway and for his recommendations for future airway management.

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