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Written by a private patient
30th April 2024

Dr Macutkiewicz's expert advice was very reassuring and calming with the diagnosis was well explained and careful consideration provided on the presenting the varying solution to reflect your current and future lifestyle. Very respectful, the pre-operation advice was well considered and with the wider team the service was excellent from start to finish and very polite and responsive team If being pedantic, the post operation recovery room experience could have been better, after coming round from surgery, with the nurse support, I didn't feel the individual was as accommodating as previous pre-op staff, but that could have also been lack of me being conscious on my part and not in the right frame of mind. This was offset by the pre-operation nurse who was excellent and removed any concerns/nerves through excellent comms, calming nature and friendlessness (at a stressful time). All very good experience and would recommend to others, hopefully don't need to do this again, but I know i can go back to Dr Macutkiewicz if future health issues arise. Thanks again for advice and operation, and keep up the excellent work,