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Written by a patient
7th May 2019

Mr Chauhan, showed me great respect, listened, and very much in tune with his patients & understood my issues with my left knee. Arranged a replacement in a timely manner. He carried out the operation with skill and expertise leaving me with a very neat minimal scar, not much pain just soreness. I was able to bend my knee to 120 degrees within just 3 weeks. I am now 6mths post op and am able to treat the knee as a normal knee. Now waiting for my other knee to be replaced and can say I would not trust another surgeon to operate on me. Mr Chauhan showed kindness and authority within a good sense of humour, I cannot thank him enough.

21st May 2019
Response from Mr Chatenya Chauhan

Thank you, your words mean so much. The work I do in striving to get the results like your knee rewards me with a great deal of happiness. Thank you.

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