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Written by a NHS patient
21st September 2021

First met Mr Chauhan about 3 years ago after injections in my left knee stopped treating the pain, Mr Chauhan listened to all my worries and suggested I think about surgery. I agreed and was put on the waiting list. I received a date for surgery in March 2020 this was then cancelled due to the covid lockdown and a couple of other dates were also cancelled, Mr Chauhan rang me to see how I was in early 2021,he said he would get my operation booked in as soon as it was safe. I had the surgery for a partial knee replacement on the 6th of May 2021 it was a great success and within a few weeks after the operation I had no pain or painkillers for the first time in years. Great job and and a great surgeon who cares a great deal for his patients. I would recommend Mr Chauhan to anyone with no hesitation at all. He has a good sense of humour and great stitching skills as almost months on the scare is hardly noticeable.

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