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Written by a NHS patient
9th September 2022

I had a replacement hip operation in August 2020, initially all went well, but I started to have a lot of problems with the soft muscle tissue around the joint area, which meant that I could only walk pain free for a very short distance, I received a lot of assistance from the physio team, to help resolve this, my last appointment was 1st March 2021 and I was continually taking pain relief, but it did take a longer time for full recovery, during which my employers made me medically redundent, eventually I was able to walk without pain or medication, during this time I had three appointments with a member of Mr Chauhan`s team, this was one face to face and two telephone call appointments, due to covid limitations. On 25 January 2022 I had an x-ray of the joint area and that showed an area of lucency, which was still showing when I had a follow up x-ray on 6 September 2022, in laymans terms this is showing like a small air pocket at the top of the joint, in all other respects my bone tissue is growing nicely onto the new joint, I saw Mr Chauhan on both occasions, he will see me again in a years time. to check on this. Although I did not have a very pleasant recovery journey, I am very pleased with the contact with Mr Chauhan and his team. My overall health in relation to the recovery of the operation is very good

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