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Written by a private patient
18th June 2022

Katie my Great Niece’s Tonsillectomy operation kept being cancelled due to the Pandemic, but the frequency and seriousness of her condition was getting worse, so I decided to use a private hospital. I used the Manor Hospitals excellent website and viewed the consultant surgeons for ENT operations. I was extremely impressed with Mr Qureishi’s profile particularly as it mentioned both Children and Adult and my Great Niece is 16 years old and so is nearly in both age groups. This was coupled with a very impressive list of expertise which is completely accurate. I made my enquiry through The Manor Hospital who then passed it onto to Bouchra Mamoun, who is Mr Qureishi secretary and she offered me a consultation for Katie and her mother, which I accepted. I must add at this point that throughout the entire process Bouchra has been a major help with her fast communication and organisation and made it extremely easy for me to get Katie's operation completed. Mr Qureishi’s consultation with Katie and her mother was very impressive as after he had thoroughly examined Katie who was quite nervous, he put her completely at ease and explained the various options in great detail to them both. I am of the opinion that he views the demeanour of every patient individually due to his work with different age groups. I was then provided with a detailed copy of the letter that was sent to Katie’s Doctor that stated all the points that had been spoken about, the treatment options, the operation plan and the aftercare rest and the risk assessment. I agreed for the operation to go ahead after this, and it was very quickly scheduled. On the day of her operation Mr Qureishi greeted Katie and her mother in a very relaxed and friendly manner and again put them at their ease and the operation was carried out by Mr Qureishi and the impressive team that he has at the Hospital. After the operation Mr Qureishi not only spoke to Katie’s mother but also called me to update me and put me at ease and was greatly appreciated by me. He saw Katie the next day and she was able to go home and has recovered and has a follow up consultation at the end of the month. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Qureishi to anyone reading my review not only from my experience with him and his team but also by the fact he is a total credit to his chosen medical expertise as an ENT surgeon. He has what is known as "a great bedside manner" which I know is an old fashioned phrase but is still apt today

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