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Written by a private patient
7th April 2021

I made a consultation appointment with Mr Qureishi for a revision septorhinoplasty after having a septoplasty nearly 10 years ago. Years on I felt as though my breathing had become worse as my nose and it had become much more deviated than previously. I also developed a large bump on the bridge of my nose which caused some pain. After some consultations previously about a second surgery with other surgeons, I was made to feel my problem could not be fixed and I had to live with it. After some research and advice, I booked in with Mr Qureishi, and straight away felt relived that I was being listened too and could receive treatment. Mr Qureishi's patience and understanding made me feel at ease about the prospect of a revision operation. He explained everything clearly, and even though a revision was possible, he also stressed on the complications that may arise with this type of surgery. I felt completely relaxed the morning of surgery, and so grateful this day had arrived. Six months later and I'm very pleased with the outcome. My breathing and sinuses have improved greatly and I didn't realise how much my sense of smell was effected beforehand, until now. My confidence has also improved and I feel completely relieved now I have had this treatment, and a big problem which impacted my life massively, has now been fixed. Thank you again Mr Qureishi.

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