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Written by a private patient
21st February 2024

This Consultant is the best I have ever seen having seen many over the last 30 years with regard to problems with my lumbar spine. He listened to me and gave me the most thorough examination I have had. I had a range of scans and x-rays in order to help to make an accurate diagnosis. The options on offer were clearly explained with no pressure given as to which option to choose. I was given enough information to make an informed decision. I felt totally at ease and made my decision feeling confident in the procedure being carried out to the best of his abilities, giving me the best chance of a successful outcome. I had my lumbar spine decompression surgery three weeks ago and have no regrets. I was visited, post surgery and on the following day to make sure I was ok. This man is very caring about his patients. There was immediate relief from some of my symptoms and pain, which I am grateful for. I had my surgery three weeks ago and am still improving. If I were to need any further surgery for anything else, I would have no hesitation in choosing Mr Nader-Sepahi again.