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Written by a private patient
26th March 2024

The treatment and care that I received for my recent Spinal surgery was excellent. One point I would like to make is, that during my first pre-op meeting with the team I was not told that I should not take any Ibuprofen. As I was in a lot of pain I had taken this as pain relief up until the day before my planned surgery. On the day of my planned surgery when I was asked what medication I had taken, I told the team that I had taken Ibuprofen the night before. Shortly afterwards Mr Sepahi came into my room and explained that I should not have been taking this medication and the reasons behind it. And because of this my surgery had to be postponed. Which in turn meant another 4 weeks of waiting and more pain. When I returned for my rescheduled procedure I was treated by Mr Sepahi and the team very professionally and the care that I received was exemplary.