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2nd June 2023

I can’t thank or praise Mr.AliAbbasian enough for taking on my problem. In 2022 I was diagnosed with a DeadTalus Bone which is very rare and the only cure is a Total Talus Replacement. The operation has only been performed a few times in this country and I was having great difficulty in finding a surgeon. A friend new of Mr. Abbisians work reputation and spoke to him about my case. I had a consultation. At the Schoen clinic in London with him. He had thought to fuse the ankle, as he had not performed a Talus replacement, but on seeing my M R I scans he could see it was not possible as the Talus was crumbling. So in Jan 2023 he successfully performed the operation. Only 2night stay in hospital, 2weeks in a cast, 4weeks in a boot, then walking in my own shoes - brilliant! Just recently had 3month check - all good, we are both delighted, Mr. Ali Abbisian is charming and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend him. Once again, Thankyou and your colleagues at the Schoen clinic, London. A grateful patient