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Written by a patient
20th September 2017

Having turned 60 I was increasingly suffering from the symptoms of Benign prostate enlargement (BPE) I did some research and found an amazing new technique from the US called UROLIFT which in turn led me to find Maya Harris Maya Harris has a fantastic patient manner, even putting me at ease with her warm, friendly, sense of humour seconds before the commencement of a cystoscopy. She has considerable expertise in urology methods old and brand new (as in the end I required a 'hybrid' combination of some tissue removal together with the minimally invasive 'stent' method of holding the prostate apart. Mrs Harris travelled to a Urolift seminar in the US shortly before my procedure and spent time asking many of her experience US peers for additional advice on my requirements. The procedure was very successful and Mrs Harris even gave me her personal mobile number in order to be able keep in touch over the weeks leading up to the six-week final consultation and sign off. Displaying much patience with my many texted questions regarding aspects of my recovery. All of my symptoms have gone and my life from that perspective has been turned around and a new lease of life delivered. I would strongly recommend Mr Maya Harris to anyone going through a similar experience - Phil Hall