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Written by a NHS patient
6th January 2022

Mrs Maya Harris, Is one of the most consummate professionals you will come across both in terms of knowledge and understanding of urological matters whilst fully appreciating the distress and concerns of her patients. Her open and through approach helps you to understand the issues and problems that need attention which in real terms prepares you for what is necessary. Her empathic approach and detailed briefing on what to expect post op also helps to ease any concerns you may have. That’s just not it, if following treatment the next stage is to find out what caused the problem as Mrs Harris continues to put her patient first. Without doubt Maya is one of the best expert consultants I have met who as I have said puts her patient at the centre of any necessary care and resolution plan and I am very, very grateful for both her support and understanding in helping me through a very difficult (and painful) few months. God bless and thank you. Trevor Wright (Cllr WDC)