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Written by a patient
23rd July 2018

I was recommended to go to Mrs Harris by a friend after she performed a successful Urolift on him. Unfortunately, my Urolift was unsuccessful, and within a few months I was in retention and Mrs H had to perform an emergency supra-pubic catheterisation at Nuffield Hospital. Subsequently, she performed the standard Green Light procedure, which (after a complication over one of my ureters, which required rehospitalisation), seems to have been very successful. Six months have now elapsed, and I am very happy with the outcome. Most nights, I get up once or twice at most, often sleeping straight through. I void with no difficulty at all, and frequency is no more than it was when I was a youngster. In fact, I feel as though my waterworks are functioning the way they did 30 years ago! I just hope it lasts! I would certainly recommend Mrs Harris. She seems to be a very conscientious caring sort of person, and as far as I can tell, a highly competent experienced surgeon, ever ready to make the effort to keep up to date with the latest developments in her specialism.