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Written by a patient
7th March 2019

Miss Hajipour is fantastic! If only she could look after all my aches and pains. She is a warm and caring doctor. She listened to me with great care and sympathy. Her diagnosis was quick and then backed up by scans and x-rays. She explained the required procedure clearly and calmly and even showed me the sort of metal plates that would be inserted in my arm. Her surgical skills are (in my experience) wonderful. The scar from my arm operation is hardly visible. There are no bumps/bulges/unsightly marks at all. In fact you have to look closely to see it at all. I don't think Miss Hajipour could give better care. I have never enjoyed hospital visits, but it was always a great pleasure to go see her. I have had several steroid injections in the past and none have been as gentle or as pain-free as those she has delivered. I particularly liked (and was surprised by) the way she massages the fluid into the correct place. If you have a hand or wrist problem, please don't consider consulting anyone else. She is marvellous!

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5