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Written by a patient
4th January 2019

Miss Pai administered my tympanic steroid injections and provided me with a cochlear implant. After previously having one extremely painful and terrifying steroid injection by another ENT specialist, Miss Pai offered to complete the rest of them (saving time and giving me a chance to meet her earlier than I expected). The injections were painless when she did them, she was comforting and empathetic, constantly reassuring me and ensuring I was as comfortable as possible. In regards to the cochlear implant, after previously being told by someone else I wouldn’t qualify, she assured me I would, and if there was any chance I wouldn’t then she would apply for the needed funding. I expected to wait a long time to receive my implant, yet she ‘fast tracked’ my case, supporting me through every step of the way. Miss Pai and her team were unbelievably fast, yet efficient, and she truly shared my excitement and joy at the possibility of gaining a new ability to allow me to hear. The surgery itself went without any problems, I was in and out before I knew it with no complications and very quick healing time. The inevitable scar is so neat and hardly noticeable - she also popped in to the recovery room after my surgery to see how I was feeling. Such a kind, highly skilled surgeon, who left me with fearless, relieved and feeling very blessed to be under her care.

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5