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Written by a private patient
27th November 2023

Miss Clare Rees came to our rescue! Our 3 month old son had an inguinal hernia for which we could not get an operation where we lived. Prior to the operation, Miss Clare Rees offered a video call, listened to our concerns and provided us with reassurance and support. She accommodated our tight timeframes and provided a really clear description of the procedure, answered any questions and responded to our emails promptly. On the day of the operation, she was very calming, running the surgery on time and coming to see us directly after the operation and later that day. The work performed was incredibly neat - our son recovered very quickly with little discomfort and the incision sites were very small and now (6 weeks on) barely noticeable. Our post-operative care followed the same suit - with an in person consultation and offer of continued support should we need it. Highly recommend. Thank you Miss Rees!