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Written by a NHS patient
30th January 2023

Dr (Vinod) Singaravelu is an incredibly professional and caring clinician who was fundamental in supporting our daughter to a successful recovery from her eating disorder. I do not believe that the outcome to our daughter’s illness would have been as successful without his involvement in the process. Whilst our daughter was his patient, he provided a huge amount of support to both my wife and I, taking time to explain how our daughter’s illness presented and the impact it had on her as well as our family. He treated all of us with great respect, listening to our daughter’s concerns and objections, and despite some difficult sessions he remained calm and demonstrated great empathy throughout. He always found time to talk to us without our daughter present so that he could get our perspective on how things were going and what we were finding challenging. He showed a genuine interest in all of our views, and explained concepts in a very clear manner, using well-chosen examples to help us all understand what was happening and how her illness was impacting her. Crucially, he was consistent with her throughout and usually helped her to come to a conclusion by herself, rather than telling her what to feel or think, and he challenged her in a very constructive way which really worked for her. He treated her with great respect, and always included her in any decisions about her treatment, whether that related to meal plans, medication, or additional counselling. This resulted in our daughter trusting him which was very unusual through a period when she was struggling or unwilling to trust anybody. I cannot thank him enough for the support he gave us. Through the treatment and support he offered our family he genuinely helped to change our lives for the better.