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Written by a NHS patient
19th April 2023

I was under the care of Dr Vinod from March 2020 to the beginning of 2023 and I honestly don't think I would've recovered from anorexia without him. He always challenged me which was crucial to my recovery because my illness was so resistant and I trusted nobody to help me. Not only did he help me to finally reflect on the causes of my eating disorder and other struggles, but supported me to challenge this thinking and I believe I could've deteriorated again without his help targeting the causes of my problems. He was firm with my illness where necessary but always respected and included me in a way I didn't feel was shared by any other doctor or nurse in my care- he always gave me as much information as possible about my options with medication and explained processes very thoroughly and clearly to me. This helped me realise I wasn't being manipulated or lied to, and this was necessary for me to let go of my issues trusting anyone to help me get better. I would most importantly like to say that I never felt like Dr Vinod wanted to rush me out of the CAMHS system. Despite my desire to leave the ED Pathway at times due to my illness, he respected my feelings and opinions while encouraging me to continue working at it, and he looked after me consistently rather than focusing on just my eating disorder. I felt that he saw me as a person rather than my illness, meaning he wasn't just trying to 'fix' me but looked at my overall needs. This means that when I left his care, I wasn't only in remission from my eating disorder but I had been helped with referral to the neurodevelopmental pathway and now I have recognition of ADHD and ASD. This has helped me with altering elements of my daily life to make it less overwhelming and also enabled Dr Vinod to create personalised care, including me in my treatment decisions. I cannot thank Dr Vinod enough for changing me and my family's lives and I hope everyone like me finds a doctor as understanding as Dr Vinod.