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Written by a private patient
14th February 2021

Dr De Silva Minor is extremely caring and had my best interests at heart throughout my treatment. Very attentive and discussed my treatment at length when first diagnosed. Dr De Silva Minor. My only negative comments is that dr De Silva Minor was always running late whether it be for an appointment or a phone call or a visit when I was hospitalised. She was always very apologetic and I understood that she had an immense workload and ensured a duty of care to all her patients. My only regret was having a portacath inserted instead of a central line. With extremely fragile veins due to chemotherapy/ TBI for leukaemia in 1988, blood had to be taken from veins rather than the portacath. Also only the nurses on the chemo ward knew how to use it so when admitted for secondary infection I had to be cannulated. A central line would have eliminated these issues. I had a picc line inserted originally however it was too uncomfortable to continue using it. Other than this I cannot fault the support and kindness Dr De Silva Minor gave. If I had to go through the treatment again I would certainly want dr De Silva Minor as my oncologist.

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