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Written by a private patient
15th February 2021

I was extremely lucky to have been assigned Dr De Silva as my Oncologist when diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in September 2019. From the moment I met her I completely trusted her, although I was completely devastated by my diagnosis at the age of 44 I was determined I was going to fight this and to do that I needed all the relevant information regarding the aggressive type of cancer I had. Dr De Silva Minor was extremely honest and explained to me in plain English what my treatment plan was going to be and the side effects I may experience. I was extremely lucky to have private healthcare and as such was offered all the treatment options available for my cancer type. Throughout my treatment Dr De Silva Minor checked on my progress constantly and whenever I had concerns she was quick to put my mind at rest. She always acted on the side of caution arranging additional scans and tests when needed and also additional chemo treatment when I didn’t have a full pathological response from the first chemo treatment plan. Dr De Silva Minor treated me with the greatest of care and also checked on the wellbeing of my family throughout my treatment. When my 12 year old son came to one of my appointments she took time to get to know him and answer all of his questions. This had a hugely positive impact on him. I feel extremely lucky to have had such a professional, experience and down to earth doctor looking after me through what has been the most challenging period of my life. Having gained the confirmation that there was no further evidence of disease in Jan 2021 I cannot thank Dr De Silva Minor enough, she truly saved my life.

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