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Written by a patient
2nd October 2020

This Operation was to repair my knee joint and I was fortunate to have Mr Shibu Krishnan as the Surgeon to carry out this operation. This was my first ever Operation that I have ever had in my life and from the very first Consultation that I had with Mr Krishnan, he explained what he was going to do with the repair of my knee and totally reassured myself on all aspects of the operation. Mr Krishnan came to see me prior to the operation and again afterwards to reassure and to confirm that all had gone well. Since the operation, Mr Krishnan has periodically been in touch but it was difficult with the Virus Situation, however we had our final face to face meeting (with X-Rays being taken) and Mr Shibu Krishnan was pleased with the repair of my knee and signed me off. There is nothing to improve anything and full praise and thanks to Mr Krishnan.