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Written by a patient
16th July 2020

I was recommended Dr. Sally Cubbin by my Neurologist. I am a 32 year old woman who has struggled with concentration, impulsiveness, hyperactivity my whole life. As a child and teenager I was always told I could do better, I need to focus, I'm easily influenced, and suffered with anxiety and episodes of depression. This carried on into my adult life. I agreed to be referred to NHS ADHD Service and Dr. Cubbin as I knew the waiting time in the NHS is very long. I was assessed within 2 weeks of my referral. I was very nervous about the video assessment but Dr. Cubbin made me feel so relaxed and I felt she completely understood me and how I have felt my whole life. The assessment went well and at the end I was told there and then I had combined ADHD (Impulsive and Hyperactive). I was advised medication and this has changed my life! I am so much more focused at university and has improved my anxiety. It has changed my thought process so I am thinking more before I act or speak and my sleep has improved greatly. I cannot thank Dr. Cubbin enough! She has changed my life! I wish I had been diagnosed as a child but I can now focus on my new future and look forward to it, I have recommended her to others including my own family members. I have now had my care transferred over to my GP and it has been a very stress free shared care transition.

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