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Written by a private patient
5th June 2022

Dr Sargur is an accomplished professional, he took his time to explore my notes and history and was very thorough. He listened carefully to my concerns and experiences with regards to my complex symptoms and I felt in safe hands from start to finish. Time was taken to explain several points and questions that were raised and it was an excellent and thorough consultation. Dr Sargur’s expertise and knowledge is impressive yet everything was explained in an accessible manner. I felt heard and respected and a plan of action has been made, including trialling some medication as well as very specific testing. Dr Sargur also made some suggestions with regards to ways that I could access support for some of my symptoms. His communication back to my GP and to my gastroenterologist has been superb. My appointment has helped me to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel as I have been quite unwell for some time, I am hopeful that I am now on the right course to feeling better and for this I am extremely grateful.

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