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Written by a patient
24th September 2019

I came to know about Dr Ramnik when I saw his videos on YouTube on cows milk protein allergy and reflux. Even without his knowledge he changed so much in our lives as his video helped me find out that my son was suffering from the same . What was wonderful was that his video was short and to the point and easy to follow. In this day and age where people don’t have time to spare even for friends , Dr Ramnik is an exceptional human being who went out of his way to help my son with no expectations whatsoever. There are many doctors with a lot of knowledge but very few with patience, care and compassion and Dr Ramnik is certainly one of them and works with an intention of making a change in a persons life. Even though he had no expectations from me he was still very prompt and thorough while investigating my sons case. He is a very special doctor and I think that his patients are very lucky.

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5