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Written by a NHS patient
4th March 2021

I was privileged to have Dr Bird as my GP during the time in which she worked at Crondall New Surgery. She was a lovely person through and through, knew how to listen and never once made you feel as though you were a time waster. As well as being kind and personable, she was always efficient and purposeful. You just knew she was a good person as well as a great doctor. I was devastated when I was told bluntly that Dr Bird "no longer works here". No explanation was given and that is of course understandable due to data protection but you just knew there was something sinister about her departure. It is only today that I came across the article in the Farnham Herald saying that Dr Bird has been dismissed. Like all her patients I was devastated to hear that. I was always suspicious that because she was so attentive to people's needs, she probably didn't get through a large enough list of patients. That's such a travesty of justice. I just wish there were more doctors like Dr Bird. She cared and she is a doctor by vocation more than career choice.