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Written by a patient
29th June 2020

Wow! Doctor Lim, What an amazing Doctor and what an amazing human being. After my Cardiac arrest in November 2019, the prospect of getting an ICD Installed was very daunting for me. With other health issues. and a very Anxious person by nature, I am very weak facing these things, and get extremely stressed. Doctor Lim, after speaking to me very soon realised what sort of person I am and absolutely went out of his way , spending a great deal of time talking to me, not only about the Medical side of an ICD and how it all works, but so patiently and passionately with great empathy converted me into a confident, now knowledgeble patient who with great courage accepted and then got my ICD Installed. I am 65 years old and have never ever , met a Doctor who was not just a doctor with great experience and know how , but had the incredible skills to give me his precious time and expert advise . My wife who was listening to our conversation , is so so impressed that , she had tears in her eyes, as before Doctor Lim spoke to me , I was stressing her out, with my Anxieties, and Doctor Lim fixed that. Dear Doctor Lim, I and my family thankyou very very much and are very grateful. Look forward to see you or one of your team , in clinic, or phone consultation, if possible for my Post ICD Installation follow up clinic on Wednesday 1 July 2020, around 15.30. best wishes and best regards Mr Bharat sharma CC227916

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