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Written by a patient
28th June 2019

This doctor was extremely unprofessional, I had to go and pay for a private consultation elsewhere to get the level of care I need. I called 111 with a high temperature, swollen glands. 111 dispatched a paramedic (which I did not request, they said it was required based on my symptoms); which the paramedics deemed to be tonsillitis and said to call the GP to explain I need some antibiotics. I called the GP to explain the prognosis and she proceeded to shout at me for having an ambulance called out and insinuated that I wasted their time (as I mentioned before, I didn't even request one, one was sent to me from 111), she said to get rest and to take paracetamol. I explained to the GP that I am going on holiday next week and I was afraid the symptoms would get worse, she ignored my concerns and said paracetamol would be the best course of action. Not happy with the result, I paid for a private GP consultation elsewhere and they deemed that I do indeed have tonsilitis and meet 4/4 of the symptoms and privately prescribed antibiotics for me. In summary, this is quite possibly the rudest GP I have ever dealt with and I will be moving GP surgery as a result. As soon as she was unhappy about NHS procedure (i.e. the ambulance being sent out) she focussed entirely on her own agenda and completely ignored my health. I have completely lost trust of this GP and would strongly advise that you steer clear.

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