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Written by a private patient
6th July 2022

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Harvey. Clearly a professional in her field but she truly stands out for how she deals with you as a patient. You don’t get the feeling you are a number but a real person. She shows a great deal of empathy, takes the time to explain what she is doing which is very reassuring. I had to see a Consultant after the ultrasound and bumped into her while leaving the clinic. She took the time to come up to me to make sure I had seen the consultant and all was ok. They were both excellent and I came away feeling good about what could have been an even more stressful experience. I would highly recommend Dr Harvie. Thank you

7th July 2022
Response from Dr Miranda Harvie

Thank you so much for this- glad we managed to get you scanned and seen in the same session too. Sometimes it’s hard to keep focused with so much going on around us, but this positive commentary reminds me how important it is to keep the patient/person at the centre of every medical encounter. Go well!

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