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Written by a patient
24th September 2020

I was puzzled after my hernia op. What happened to the pain? This was a double laparoscopic hernia repair, including one side that turned out to be more taxing than anticipated, so there should at least have been some moderate suffering over the first few days. I waited for it, I looked for it, but it never came. After leaving the hospital armed with the usual opioids, I took two paracetamol, ignored the codeine, and that was it. Nothing was hurting - not even a tiny bit. It seemed almost impossible, and certainly improbable, that the body could undergo cutting and exploring and suturing to that extent and yet leave no legacy of discomfort. But that may be a mark of the skill and finesse with which this gifted and highly experienced surgeon plies his craft (although, as Mr Pellen himself points out, not all procedures can be guaranteed to hurt as little as mine). Subsequent examination has confirmed that the surgery was completely successful and I am very happy with the outcome. Others have spoken of Mr Pellen’s patience in answering questions (and I had plenty), gently allaying unwarranted fears and inspiring well-merited trust. I wholly endorse all those views. For any surgery within Mr Pellen’s purview that I might require in the future, I would unhesitatingly entrust my care to him and I recommend him without reservation. My heartfelt thanks to him and his team for taking such good care of me!

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