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Written by a patient
24th November 2018

I recently attended The Spire Hospital for a hernia repair. I chose an appointment for a consultation, and very fortunately fell under the care of Mr Pellen. Mr Pellen's personality and demeanour immediately appealed to me, and he proceeded to explain everything I needed to know about the procedure required to repair my hernia. I am 64 years old and had never had a general anaesthetic, and was very apprehensive, so much so that I was considering a local anaesthetic, but this would have restricted me to open surgery. Mr Pellen dispelled all my concerns, and I elected to have the laparoscopic surgery with a general anaesthetic. I'm so relieved I went for that option, as I found the general anaesthetic absolutely fantastic, and felt completely fine for the whole time. The surgery was a revelation to me, as I had so little discomfort. I left the hospital with my painkillers to hand, only to find that I didn't need a single one of them. I was moving around the following day as if I'd never had surgery at all, much to the surprise of my family and friends. I was virtually pain free apart from just the odd twinge, and although I know we are all different, I think this is completely attributable to Mr Pellen's superb laparoscopic skills. My wounds are healing very nicely, and I'm now ready to go back to work without the worries about my hernia. I feel so grateful that I had the good fortune to have been under Mr Pellen's care. I now also have the comfort of knowing that he's there, should I need his expert skills in the future. Thank you very much Mr Pellen for everything you have done for me. Mr David Swanborough

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