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Written by a patient
26th November 2019

As this was the first time i had ever been in hospital or under a general anaesthetic i was, understandably quite nervous! (and, thanks to google, concerned about the GA and the op) Mr. Pellen quelled all my worries and gave me the correct information. The operation went very smoothly (I think! I was asleep!). Recovery took longer than i expected both in the hospital and at home - but i think i was expecting a lot! The nursing team in the hospital were very good and looked after me. For anyone going for a double laparoscopic hernia surgery you will read of horror stories about the gas filled stomach and the pain in your shoulders (potentially) afterwards (i didn't get any!), get some peppermint oil powder to dilute into a warm drink - this helps massively. DONT drink a massive amount after the surgery in case you have trouble getting it back out of you! I was really thirsty after nil-by-mouth and immediately drank 500ml water then three cups of tea then couldn't pee! So ended up with an overnight stay until i was back to normal, no catheter tho, so that was good! The glue, stuck on the outside of the incision areas, does eventually peel away-but i would recommend shaving prior to surgery if you're hairy like me! Listen to the Dr's and nurses when they tell you not to lift anything for a while! I have three young children and did too much too soon which prolonged my recovery. But 4 weeks later i was back cycling to work left with extremely small marks on my abdomen. Still occasional pains while the mesh is knitting to my insides but mostly back to normal 7 weeks after surgery. What i would say is that if you're worried about the surgery dont put it off! Definitely more comfortable now than when i had the hernia, and wouldn't want to risk open surgery in an emergency (less than 1% of cases! Dont read google!)

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