Dr Mehjabeen Hussain


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1 2 3 4 5
5th February 2016
Written by a patient at Sydenham Green Group Practice

Saw this doctor a few times then decided that I wasn't happy with her professional style nor did she instill me with confidence. I found her lacking in sympathy, empathy and, what I consider, emotional intelligence. She tended to be curt with her delivery and short of explanation. She didn't seem to like questions possibly viewed as challenging her opinion. Perhaps, she felt rushed for time, but patients with potentially serious problems should expect clear and purposeful two way communication, not just one way. Her emphasis seemed mostly about doing what she said, without challenge or question. As such, it came across defensive and a little arrogant. She didn't advise me that I had a right to chose which hospital I would attend for further investigations - a right every patient has and important we have access to the best care. All in all, consultations with her did not feel like a two way process of communication, but a quick checklist followed by a proclaimed outcome. I prefer my doctor to listen and respond caringly and professionally to me as an individual.

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