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Written by a private patient
20th February 2023

I first went to see Dr Ginks at The Foscote, Banbury for a consultation back in July after being diagnosed by the GP with Afib. In the last 6 months I have had 2 cardio versions and one ablation. The first cardio version didn’t work at all, the second one worked for 4 days, only before reverting back. 3 months after the ablation, I am still in normal sinus rhythm. For various reasons, I have been treated in 3 Oxfordshire hospitals. For the first cardio version I was treated by a colleague of Dr Ginks, Dr Sabharwal (very nice doctor). I have had 3 consultations- 2 face to face and one on Zoom. In the first consultation Dr Ginks spent time with me discussing the problem and finding out who I was; he is a very good listener. His manner is friendly and reassuring and he is surprisingly self depreciative. His consultations are well structured and backed up by highly detailed notes emailed to me and to the GP. Notes are sent to the GP after any procedures or consultations.He always sends these quickly. After the first consultation, I was relieved to hear that he could help me. He explained his findings clearly so as to make sense of what I was experiencing and why. He described possible paths of treatment that might need to be followed if a treatment didn’t work- a game plan. His approach makes you felt you are being cared for by a medical expert. I think he actually likes people and is genuinely concerned to help them to get better. He has let me go now, but has said I can contact him if I need to. Finally, I was delighted to hear from staff in every hospital -doctors, nurses and anaesthetists that they consider him to be an excellent doctor- there’s a lot of respect from his medical colleagues and he has my respect and gratitude too. I would highly recommend Dr Ginks, cardiologist.