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Written by a private patient
6th September 2023

I saw Matthew after several months of experiencing palpitations and not really finding the necessary advice to judge whether they were serious or not. I anticipated it might not be a useful conversation as my other markers were generally good and the symptoms were persistent but mostly not dramatic. My concerns were raised when symptoms disappeared altogether a fortnight before the appointment. However, I was pleased to find that the appointment was thorough, with no time constraints or sense that I was making a fuss. Matthew asked very precise questions and listened very carefully to my responses. He is professional and respectful without being formal, and explains matters in a comprehensible way. I was given an ECG and an ultrasound and, importantly, Matthew explained my level of risk regarding the likelihood of a stroke given my results - which is small. With a history of strokes in my family, this was one of my fears. Following the appointment, I am enjoying life with renewed confidence, knowing that if symptoms return intermittently, I can monitor them myself via a watch and send results to Matthew who will review them.

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