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Written by a private patient
9th June 2022

Not one to normally write reviews about medical matters - but my experience with Dr Matt Ginks has been exceptional. Having suffered with arrhythmia for many years - it was time to address the situation. After various consultations on my options with cardiologists on the UAE where I’m based, I was referred to Matt for a consultation for private treatment via the NHS in Oxford, UK. We had a video conference for an hour and a half. During that time I was listened to - medical notes had been thoroughly reviewed in advance - and various options discussed - clearly with pros and cons to all options. Within a week a date was secured for a Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation procedure and a month later was in for surgery. I found Dr Ginks care and professionalism on the day (and NHS staff) excellent. “ Being in Safe hands “ is a term I do not use freely - but it was very much the feeling I had pre op and post. Day procedure meant I was back at my hotel that evening and started recovery . Fast fwd a few months - I’ve been truly feeling 100% better than before - no symptoms of past issues and life very much looking bright and healthy. Thanks Matt - you’ve made a big impact . Keep up the great work

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