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Written by a patient
13th August 2019

I suffer from arthritis in my knee and went to Dr. Chandan over 2 years ago with my right knee as I was in so much pain. He asked if I would like a cortisone injection, to which I refused at first as I hate injections and I said I would see how it went, having not suffered with this for very long. It became clear that it wasn't going away soon and I was going on holiday. I booked for the injection 10 days before I went on holidiay on Dr. Chandan's advice. The needle didn't hurt at all and was well worth it because now, over 2 years later, my knee is still good! I now have the same problem with the other knee and I have booked to have the same done and I have no qualms about this this time. Thank you Dr. Chandan. :-)

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