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Written by a carer
20th December 2020

We have been concerned with our little girls development for some time, and with the length of time the GP referral was taking we decided to go private, I am very grateful somebody recommended Dr Dixit, after a couple of failed speech and language assessments it was reassuring to finally meet someone who is such an expert in his field. I booked the assessment not knowing what to expect and if it would even be suitable for Luna, but not only did he see us straight away he exceed all our expectations. He provided his professional opinion and has allowed the kick start for Luna’s care package. He informed us exactly what would happen next and where we go from here. He also tactfully explained all possible realistic outlooks of Luna’s future without giving us false expectations. He was professional and concise, very approachable and Luna even hugged him spontaneously during the session. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Dixit to anybody in search for a paediatrician.

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