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Written by a patient
14th July 2020

These are indeed difficult times we are all facing now, and although it is hard for us economically and lot of us are feeling like we are trapped in a cage, I also think that it's the time where we can and should look inside our soul: our mental health! I work in a very busy profession and have been running around like a headless chicken. I would be at a loss without Dr Iqbal’s careful, very human and professional way of dealing with my busy life given the levels of stress and anxiety. Thanks to Dr Iqbal’s care through a combination of video calls and consultations, I've managed my busy schedule and my mental health. I have also found the right balance between medication and tools comprising of breathing, meditation and a positive mindset! I'm very grateful to Dr Iqbal for his deep dedication and competent psychiatry. I encourage everyone to try to stop, think and listen to your body; find harmony within and seek the help of Dr Iqbal! Thank you and be healthy

17th July 2020
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Thank you so much for your gracious and constructive feedback, which is very helpful and much appreciated. You have been functioning and performing at work at a world class level, which is truly inspiring. Whist you are naturally gifted and clearly at the top of your game, you have wisely realised that you are still only human after all. It has been a pleasure helping you to achieve a healthier and realistic work-life balance. You have been an ideal patient in so far as listening and applying everything that I have suggested, to your benefit. You are healthier and wiser, and you continue to make excellent progress. You will get even better over time. I look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks for the recommendation and all the best.

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