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Written by a private patient
10th July 2023

I can only echo the sentiments found below in so much that my experience has been genuinely life changing. I decided to bite the bullet earlier this year during another long spell of depression and anxiety, a sadly familiar state for myself. I had long been researching ADHD for sometime. My initial appointment was extremely positive. Dr Mohiuddin was very friendly, kind, empathic and easy to talk to. We decided on a course of meditation and my prescription came a few days later. The process of overcoming the side effects wasn’t easy but Dr M and Pam were always very quick to respond to any questions I had. I’m now stable and I haven’t felt this good for….I don’t know how long. My anxiety and depression are virtually non-existent and I have a zest for life again. The best decision I’ve ever made and the best money I’ve ever spent. I really cannot thank you enough and I highly recommend anyone struggling with ADHD to consider speaking with Dr M.

7th August 2023
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Thank you very much for your kind and helpful review and recommendation. We appreciate this very much. It was a pleasure to have assessed and treated you for Adult ADHD. I am glad that you have had a positive experience and have a zest for life again. I wish you all the very best for your continued recovery and a happier future

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