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Written by a private patient
15th August 2023

Went to Dr Iqbal after my NHS GP referred me to my local service and then I found out the 2-3 year waitlist just to be assessed, Dr Iqbal and Pam have been so professional and caring throughout. I did a lot of research on finding someone to assess me for ADHD and naturally was worried about being scammed but with Iampsyciatry responses have always been quick, thorough and informative. My only regret was not doing this sooner! Dr Iqbal and Pam really do care about patients - the reviews should speak for themselves! My life has changed so significantly as has my health (for the better!). I've changed my diet, taking my medication as prescribed and really looking at my mental health and physical wellbeing as priorities rather than an after thought. One final thing I would say, I've ALWAYS felt like an outcast (in my own family, felt like a pretender with my social group, felt like an outsider to myself at times) and I've done so many things that I'm ashamed of but despite me letting all of that out in my first review with Dr Iqbal, not once did I feel judged. Actually, the opposite - I felt understood but also encouraged to tell "my story" and I am so glad I did, but more so I'm so grateful there are people like Dr Iqbal and Pam who WANT to help people. Thank you Dr Iqbal and thank you Pam.

5th September 2023
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Thank you so much for your kind, helpful and constructive feedback. This is much appreciated. We are glad you chose IamPsychiatry and had a positive experience of recovery with us. It has been a pleasure assessing, diagnosing and treating you for Adult ADHD. It is wonderful that your life and health have significantly changed for the better. We wish you all the very best for the future and your continued recovery. We would be happy to help you again when needed.

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