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18th August 2015
Written by a patient at Kingsfield Medical Centre

Unfortunately this doctor presents as unbelievable naïve with regards to mental health issues. She comes across as arrogant and appears to believe she has the ability to assess a patient, regarding mental health, in a five minute appointment, who has already seen many GPs and had a number of hours with psychiatrists, better than those more qualified doctors have been able to, when really she would do better to simply observe their recommendations, and not try, as a GP with five minutes time, to second guess psychiatrists with the luxury of hours of time. Additionally, this doctor also appears frightened of a very useful drug, diazepam. Whilst there are reasons to be a cautious, to some extent, with this drug, it is extremely useful, and in times of extreme mental difficulties, specifically acute anxiety episodes, is crucial to protect the patient. Acute anxiety is far more dangerous than diazepam. A doctor who is generally reluctant to prescribe diazepam for extreme anxiety, is a doctor who may be risking the life of their patient. I also got the impression that she may have a 'chip on her shoulder', and holds little respect for the opinions raised by patients. I have to say that I found that this doctor did not appear to comprehend the seriousness of my condition. I saw an alternative GP very shortly after this who understood properly.

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