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Written by a private patient
24th May 2021

Over a number of years the veins in the backs of my hands became swollen and very ugly. I searched the internet in order to find a vascular surgeon who could treat my problem veins but after contacting numerous surgeons no help was available to treat hand veins. I then saw Mr Gajrajs (consultant vascular surgeon)vein care video and decided to make the trip to Dorset and Im so glad I did as with his excellent treatment he has managed to roll back the years. I am no longer ashamed to show my hands has they now appear normal . Mr Gajrajs clinic is superb and in a lovley rural setting, his nursing staff are very friendly and efficient and Mr Gajraj,s expertise shines through. A trip to the Vein care centre at the Melbury clinic I would highly recommend. Mrs D Smith. (Lancashire)

31st May 2021
Response from Dr Haroun Gajraj

Thank you for this very positive feedback. I have developed a unique programme of hand rejuvenation. I treat the enlarged veins by "gentle sclerotherapy", the thin skin and bony appearance with collagen stimulation and age spots by cryotherapy or radiofrequency. The results give a more youthful appearance. Many of my patients come long distances for this treatment. Thank you Mrs Smith for your kind comments. Dr Haroun Gajraj

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