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Written by a patient
11th March 2017

I was under the care of Professor Gordon Cook in 2007 (then Dr Cook); he met me and my family (my brother was my transplant donor), and explained the transplant options to me in a sympathetic, but straightforward way; he was unafraid to answer my question about my chances of survival, and I was grateful for his honesty. I was treated without delay, receiving my radiotherapy at the now-closed Cookridge Hospital, and receiving my transplant in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at St James' Hospital (the relatively recently built Bexley Wing at St James' deals with all aspects of treatment these days). Nearly nine and a half years, I'm still here, and that is largely due to the expertise of Professor Cook, and his team. I'm sure he will have lengthened, and saved the lives of many many others!

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