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Written by a NHS patient
19th January 2023

This feedback relates to a very positive experience as a colleague in the acute mental health service I jointly attended and have been involved with Dr Mustafa's management of an extremely unusual and complicated case in the acute mental health liaison service . A 38 year old male who has a history of anxiety and depression managed within primary care. He had long standing social/communication difficulties that caused problems socially and with his employments. In 2019 he suspected he may have Asperger’s and approached his GP who referred him for assessment, Dr Mustafa undertook a comprehensive case review including family opinion collating a chronological picture of events which enhanced the overall assessment of this complex case. I was very impressed by Dr Mustafa's ability to engage and develop a good rapport with this person andhe undertake a neurological examination as well as a mental health review . Dr Mustafa demonstrated outstanding knowledge of both the physical and mental health presentation, he then discussed this with the medical consultant and they collaboratively came up with a clinical management plan. He provided me with an exemplory example of teamwork and across agency clinical management , I fely supported and fully inclusive in the process. In addition the service user (patient ) and family views were clearly central in the care discussion .

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